Everyone plays bad golf. When we search for answers we blame our swing and look for new mechanical changes, but that likely makes our bad days get worse. Instead, forget about swing changes and focus on something simple like tempo.

When referring to tempo we are talking about the speed of your movements. It can be the speed of your hips, shoulders, arms, hands, or club. Anything that is moving applies. But when your speeds are out of sync your timing suffers and your misses get worse. What you need to do is ditch the new swing change and focus on your tempo. Try these simple tips to regain control of your swing.

#1 Hit balls after pausing at the top.
Use a seven iron off a tee and pause for two seconds when you reach the end of your backswing. I recommend counting to 2 out-loud. This will really make you pause for the right amount of time. Focus on leading with your lower body when you start the downswing and feel your upper body and club trail behind.

#2 Control your distance with your driver.
Use a driver off a tee and hit 3 balls to 100 yards, 3 balls to 150 yards, and 3 balls to 200 yards. Learn to control your distance with the speed of your hips. Also, pay attention at what distance when you start to lose accuracy. This might allow you to pinpoint what’s going wrong in your swing.

#3 Take it back low and slow.
Use any club you want and focus on taking the club back low and slow during the takeaway. This is a simple way of getting your tempo back. All your doing is starting the swing more deliberately and gradually accelerating from this point. The takeaway sets the tone for your swing. That’s why this drill is so effective.

#4 Hit with both feet together.
Use a seven iron or driver off a tee and hit balls with your feet together. This will force you to slow down your tempo and focus on good balance. If your speeds are too quick you will fall off balance. Work on swinging around your body at a moderate pace while keeping your balance with your feet together.


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